SCR Interactive Display

*Infrared Touch Technology
*Interactive Whiteboard Solution
*Finger or pen touch and write
*Aluminum alloy body with front access touch frame module
*Without projector all in one touch monitor
*Windows with 32bit and 64bit multi-touch
*Support Microsoft surface
*Various Interface, include HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/AUDIO/MIC/SD CARD SLOT etc.
* Intelligent black board detecting features(Once black board activated, LED backlit off)

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*An interactive whiteboard (IWB) device can either be a standalone computer or a large, functioning touchpad for computers to use.
*A device driver is installed on the attached computer so that the interactive whiteboard can act as a Human Input Device (HID), like a mouse.
The computer’s video output is connected to a digital projector so that images may be projected on the interactive whiteboard surface.
*The user then calibrates the whiteboard image by matching the position of the projected image in reference to the whiteboard using a pointer
as necessary. After this, the pointer or other device may be used to activate programs, buttons and menus from the whiteboard itself, just as one
would ordinarily do with a mouse. If text input is required, user can invoke an on-screen keyboard , utilize handwriting recognition. This makes it
unnecessary to go to the computer keyboard to enter text.
*Thus, an IWB emulates both a mouse and a keyboard. The user can conduct a presentation or a class almost exclusively from the whiteboard.
*In addition,the Interactive Whiteboard is supplied with software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction
opportunities. These generally include the ability to create virtual versions of paper flipcharts, pen and highlighter options, and possibly even
virtual rulers, protractors, and compasses—instruments that would be used in traditional classroom teaching.Interactive whiteboards promotes
collaboration among students and group discussion and participation. They can be an effective tool for brainstorming due to the fact that notes
can be taken on the board and saved to be shared and distributed to students later.

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